We at Pathfinder Chronicler are pleased to announce our annual Pathfinder Fiction Contest. 

This contest represents the most current perspectives on Pathfinder lore and encourages the Paizo Fan Community to stretch its imagination beyond the boundaries set by canon. This year we will be asking our contestants to take a more historical perspective and set their piece in a specific period of time on Golarion, the Age of Destiny.

According to our friends over at PathfinderWiki:

“The Age of Destiny began circa -3470 AR with the founding of the Osiriani civilization and spanned three and a half millennia. It came to an end when Aroden raised the Starstone from the bottom of the Inner Sea and founded the great city of Absalom in the year 1 AR, ushering in the Age of Enthronement. It was marked by the re-emergence of human civilization after the barbarism of the Age of Darkness and the Age of Anguish. Other notable occurrences include the founding of the nations of Taldor and the of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Wars during this age include the Nex-Geb War and the tarrasque invasion of -632 AR.”

We’re certain this time period should allow for many interesting, untold tales. Let the imagination of your inner historian run wild!

The goal of all contestants should be to create the most engaging fiction possible and to bring fresh ideas that are original and entertaining. And do not forget, the Pathfinder Fiction Contest is the major source of content behind the creation of Pathfinder Chronicler’s Anthologies. This could be your chance to see your work in print at conventions such as Norwescon and PaizoCon!

So take a swing. Have at you! We are waiting to see what you can throw at us.


To enter the contest, please refer to our Submission Instructions page.

For further information, also see the Contest Details page.