Contest Submission Instructions



Use only Times New Roman font, Size 12, single spaced.

Use only single RETURN key hits between paragraphs (i.e. no double RETURN to create a “space” between paragraphs). Instead of spaces between paragraphs, please indent using TAB. This is very important to minimize formatting work on Anthology Volume IV.


Must contain the following: Author’s Full Name – Address – Email – Telephone – Story Name – Word Count – Source Material Reference, including page number (very important for judging canon-altering criterion).


Word count must be between 3000-4000 words.

Your submission must be in English. The theme is set in The Age of Destiny, Timeline : -3470 AR to 1 AR. Canon breaks can be made but must be well supported.

The story must be set in Paizo’s Pathfinder Campaign Setting world of Golarion. Any inaccurate use of the material will be disqualified, unless otherwise clarified within the story and supported by reference(s) for canon-altering criterion.

Submissions must be original, unpublished fiction, well-written, and free of grammatical errors/typos. All entries are final. No revisions are accepted. One entry per person.

Please, no novel excerpts, poetry, or stories written for children. Any entries or submissions which depict or glorify overly graphic, lewd, obscene, vulgar, or profane behavior, or which utilize lewd, obscene, vulgar, or profane language, either as part of the submission or as the name of the submission, will be disqualified at the sole discretion of Pathfinder Chronicler.


Entries must be submitted in .RTF format only. Do not submit in .WPS, .DOC, .WKS, etc.


Starting May 24th, 12:00AM, Pacific Time, Pathfinder Chronicler will be accepting short story submissions for our Pathfinder Fiction Contest 2015. Submissions will not be accepted after September 12th, 2015, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.



For further detailed information, please also see our Contest Details page.