Mwangi Spit! by Ted Thompson

Mwangi spit is a tart beer brewed regionally in Kibwe. The recipe was taken from a Karlsjford, a brewer that hailed from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. He ran this Kibwe brewery using Mwangi natives with an airtight supervision over all operations. Covetously, he never shared his recipes and was secretive with all his yeasts. One day, Karlsjford contracted a terrible illness, but before his death he burned his recipes and exposed all his yeasts to contamination. His foreman, Tutwe, took over the brewery and tried to replicate Karlsjford’s recipes. With no choice, Tutwe was forced to use the contaminated yeast, which failed in some aspect to recreate the brew. Nonetheless, this is the only beer one can find in the Mwangi Expanse, far from the more civilized world. People from out of town that visit the local bars call it, “Mwangi spit!” for it seemed to offend their beer sensibilities so much that they spit it out!

(featured in Wayfinder, Vol. 4)