Chronicler Anthologies

Pathfinder Chronicler Anthologies are fantasy stories created by contributors, authors and fans from the Paizo Community. The anthologies represent the best the community has to offer and captures the “vibe” of today’s rising and upcoming authors.

The creation of Pathfinder Chronicler Anthologies began after holding our first annual Pathfinder Fiction Contest. The amount of stories received during that period was unprecedented, fifty-five stories in all! After the winners were selected, it was asked if the entire list of stories could be seen and read by everyone. Naturally, this was not something we could do because each contestant’s entry was considered confidential and had to be respected as such. However, there was a desire by the group to see a PDF made of the best  entries as well as the best our online content had to offer.

Pathfinder Chronicler Volume I

Work on Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology Volume I began slowly in 2010. At first, it was thought that the volume would be just a PDF. We entertained the idea of printing it but ultimately no one thought it was a good idea due to the expense. Ted Thompson (Zuxius), founder of Pathfinder Chronicler, attended NeonCon in November 2010, where he participated in a CreativeU workshop for publishers. There, he was informed of a printer, Publisher’s Graphics, that was located within the United States which could produce an anthology volume relatively cheap. Still, the idea seemed far-fetched. Who would do the cover for such a thing? Ted remembered seeing Eva Widermann at PaizoCon 2009 and contacted her immediately. Through a few emails between the two, Eva signed on eagerly to do the cover. The art commissioned from her was to appear as something from the hit TV show, Hoarders. The initial scene had mountains of books stacked upon each other which could crush a person if it fell down upon them, with a figure in the middle that was female doing important research. The theme for the book was decidedly blue and there was to be a severe infestation of mice eating away at everything as a cat slept on a pile of books without concern. Naturally, the picture turned out to be a little different but artistic instincts are always the best ones.


During that time, editing proceeded in earnest. It was decided that the Anthology would not only contain the best of Pathfinder Chronicler’s 2010 Fiction Contest but also works from our website as well. Many members on the site believed the works edited among ourselves were ready for publication “as is.” Unfortunately though, despite our best efforts to provide our readership the greatest stories we can edit, it was decided early that there needed to be consistency editing as well as another round of catching things that may have not been suitable for print. Ted Thompson contacted every writer and began editing and requesting revisions. Sean Crandall was brought in for his expertise in copy editing and caught all the grammar and deviations that appeared within each story to create a consistent feel to all the stories. The stories were also changed using the assumption that the reader was new to fantasy fiction and had no previous Pathfinder knowledge of its lore or its origin. It was also assumed that the reader had a moderate understanding of the “swords and sandals” reality and anything else would need more vivid description such as “fantastical creatures and magic.”