Stories – By Title

A Bride in Korvosa – W. David Wood

A Cold Wind – W. David Wood

A Family Business – Andrew Crossett

A Feast to Remember – William Dodds

A Final Toll – W. David Wood

A Harvest to Remember – Jonathan McAnulty

A Lost Pathfinder’s Journal: From Talithia’s Tomb – Paris Crenshaw

A Narrow Escape – Dawn Fischer

A Quiet Retirement – Derek M. Johnson

A Song of Sorrow – B.R. Bearden

Along the Final Path – Laura Sheppard

An Honest Trade – Ewan Cummins

Battle-Banners of Lesser West Podunk – Clinton J. Boomer

The Beast of Blackwater Bog – Miles Adams

Bees – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Bend as the Willow – Dawn Fischer

Beyond Reason – Maggie Hoyt

The Black Mantis – Ted Thompson

Blood in the Water – Alex Lindsay

Bottles and Boxes – Andrew Crossett

Bound to Shadows – Christopher Astefanous

The Coin – Jesse Benner

Completing the Circle – Todd Stewart

Decisions of Faith – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Demons on the Inner Sea – Andrew B. Chaban

Dusk of the Dawnflower Dervish – Shawn Feakins

Enchained – Maggie Hoyt

Enemy of My Enemy – Robert Gresham

Engl and Inga – Elaine Betts

Epilogue – Jess Carson

Existence – W. David Wood

For a Short Time – Derek M. Johnson

The Forgotten – Eric Pierce

From Oppara with Love – Robert Gresham

From the Crown – Eoin Brennan

Gozreh Provides – Laura Sheppard

The Gray Tern – Andrew Crossett

The Half-Elf and the Echinoderm (Chains of Honor) – Rachel Hadlock-Piltz

The Hawk’s Strike – Robert Drouin

Hunger – Todd Stewart

Inner Sea Beer Lore – Ted Thompson

The Jinx – Dawn Fischer

Keep Your Enemies Closer – Robert Gresham

The Last Victim – Martin Shelby

Life in Korvosa – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Love, Goblins, and Other Disgusting Things – Russell Brooks

Luck’s Allegiance – Alex Lindsay

Midnight Prowlers – Jonathan McAnulty

Monsters in the Attic – Martin Shelby

Mouthy Upstart – Israel Reyes

Mwangi Spit! – Ted Thompson

Nahdep’s Journey – John Anglin

No Fury as a Student Scorched – Casey Hayes

The Odd Couple – Kate Taylor

On the Whispering Way (a fragment of a book of shadows) – Israel Reyes

Pathfinders of Qadira – Ted Thompson

The Politics of Hell – B.R. Bearden

Rain of Redemption – Neil Spicer

The Reluctant Gardener – Patrick Napier

The Ritual – Ted Thompson

The River Cure – Katherine Worley

The Road to Varno – Clinton J. Boomer

The Scoundrels of Katapesh – Charles Dickey

The Selection – Kalyna Conrad

Shattered Dreams – Robert Gresham

The Silver Lady – Jonathan McAnulty

Spit and Polish – Derek M. Johnson

Tales from the Front: Decline of Empire – Robert Gresham

Tea with the Laughing Fiend – Todd Stewart

Thicker than Blood – Jess Carson

Twisting Amongst Mages – Clinton J. Boomer

Type of Devil – Carl Rossi

Unrequited – Eric Morton

Voices on the Wind – Kalyna Conrad

The Wandering Kingdom – Trevor Gulliver

Way of the Gun – Ted Thompson

The Way of the World – Kalyna Conrad

White Shadows – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Winter’s Fool – Paris Crenshaw

Wishing Day – Clinton J. Boomer