Stories – By Wayfinder Issue

Volume 1

A Lost Pathfinder’s Journal: From Talithia’s Tomb – Paris Crenshaw

Life in Korvosa – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Pathfinders of Qadira – Ted Thompson

The Road to Varno – Clinton J. Boomer

Volume 2

Life in Korvosa, Part 2 – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Winter’s Fool – Paris Crenshaw

Volume 3

The Black Mantis – Ted Thompson

Decisions of Faith: Paved with Good Intentions – Ernesto I. Ramirez

Midnight Prowlers – Jonathan McAnulty

Mouthy Upstart – Israel Reyes

Volume 4

Keep Your Enemies Closer – Robert Gresham

Mwangi Spit! – Ted Thompson

Rain of Redemption – Neil Spicer

Volume 5

Tales from the Front: Decline of Empire – Robert Gresham

Volume 6

Volume 7

Battle-Banners of Lesser West Podunk – Clinton J. Boomer

An Honest Trade – Ewan Cummins

Enemy of My Enemy – Robert Gresham

The Jinx – Dawn Fischer

Volume 8

The Jinx, Part 2 – Dawn Fischer

Wayward Rogues – Robert Gresham

The Wives and the Sons and the Daughters – Derek M. Johnson

Volume 9