Wayfinder Submissions


Wayfinder has existed as long as Pathfinder Chronicler. The two groups have different roles to play in the Paizo Fan community. Together though, Wayfinder and Pathfinder Chronicler form Paizo Fans United in a “publication form.” Wayfinder is a magazine that focuses on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as well as Pathfinder Campaign Setting material, including stories to support their themes. Pathfinder Chronicler gladly supports Wayfinder by providing well edited stories that serve the publication’s needs. Wayfinder prints a hard copy of itself for PaizoCon in the summer and also provides PDFs twice a year as a free download at Paizo’s Paizo Fans United section.

Currently, Wayfinder has met their content quota for Wayfinder #9 (to be distributed online and in print form for the celebration of PaizoCon 2013).

Wayfinder #10 has yet to be announced officially, but we have it from other sources (facebook) that the theme for this issue will revolve around a Persian/Arabian theme with stories set in Katapesh and Qadira.

If you are interested in writing a story for Wayfinder #10, we recommend that you look at the previous Wayfinder #9 Submission Guidelines by clicking this link here. This will provide you a good framework as to what is expected of a Wayfinder Submission.

We also invite you to take advantage of our peer editing at Pathfinder Chronicler Forums. This is a great place to meet others that have been published in Wayfinder and pick up on tips that got others published.